• Yard Master Patio Cord
  • Wood's Yard Master Patio Cord on Sale for $6.88
  • Just bought two 40 ft Wood's Yard Master Patio Cords at Walmart for $6.88 each
  • Its custom patio blinds Spanish-era stone church greeted us, along with woods yard master patio cord throngs of faithful hearing mass before the festivities of the day.

Woods 992382 40-Foot Outdoor Extension Cord with Power Block, White


If you read my White Lightning Moonshine DIY interconnect & speaker cable article on the preceding page, you know that it's possible to get unexpectedly good results from very humble starting materials like the Woods Yard Master Patio Cord sold by Wal-Mart for the low low price of $7.44. With a little slicing, dicing and soldering of the patio cord conductors, I ended up with surprisingly good speaker cables and interconnects. Given the good results, the next logical extension (I know, bad pun) would be to build a DIY power cable and thus this DIY White Lightning Power Cable project was born.

Review components retail: Woods Yard Master Patio Cord $7.44 for 40 feet, Switchcraft SWC-3502A RCA connectors $1.66 per RCA (no minimum order), Multi-Contact LS4 banana plug $1.11 per plug (100 minimum order), Kimber 1/4 inch heat shrink tubing .63 per foot, Kimber 1/2 inch heat shrink tubing for .80 per foot.


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