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PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Patio Panel Sliding Glass Pet Door, 76 13/16" to 81-Inch, White, Medium


PetSafe Freedom Patio Pet Doors for Sliding Doors allow your pet to come and go as he pleases, through your sliding glass or screen door. These panels feature a heavy-duty aluminum construction and shatter-resistant, tempered safety glass. They’re also equipped with the energy-conserving UltraSeal flexible flap system designed to keep the heat and cold outdoors. Installation is easy, with no cutting required. Simply slide the panel into one end of your sliding door track, secure it to the frame, and add the weather stripping. Open and close the other side of your door easily. And if you ever need to move, you can easily remove the panel from the frame and take it with you. Fits left or right sliding glass doors, 76 13/16 to 81 inches tall. Does not fit recessed sliding glass doors without additional hardware.

Give your pets more access to your home and the outdoors. With no cutting required, the PetSafe Freedom Patio Panel Sliding Glass Pet Door is easy to install. The patio panel inserts into your sliding glass door frame and automatically adjusts to heights between 76 3/4" and 81" on standard patio doors. The Patio Panel Sliding Glass Pet Door features a heavy-duty aluminum frame, weather stripping, tempered safety glass, and a replaceable magnetic flap. A closing panel allows you to restrict your pet's use and keeps the pet door closed when it is not in use. The Patio Panel Sliding Glass Door also features a reversible lock for right and left opening patio doors.


Petsafe Freedom Patio Pet Door Insert

Forget drilling and cutting and installing when you can simply set the PetSafe Freedom Patio Panel 96 in. Pet Door in place and you're ready to go. Designed to work with standard sliding storm doors, this simple panel pops right into place and gives your pet easy access to and from your house while you still get to keep a tight seal that keeps insects and the elements out. The body is crafted from rust-proof aluminum with tempered glass above and a flexible plastic flap below. The flap makes a tight seal to keep debris out. This door is designed to fit sliding doors that are 91-7/16 to 96 inches tall. Multiple size and finish options are available.