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When it comes to patio walls, the old adage less is more holds true. Avoid walling off too much of your patio. A small well-placed and well-designed wall will make much more of a statement than walling in the entire patio. Leave at least two wide openings leading to the rest of the yard so that you don't find yourself having to walk across the patio.

Patio walls should enhance the design and function of your patio. The corner of a square patio is a great place to install walls because it will not interrupt the natural traffic flow. Another excellent option is to build a curved seat wall behind a fire pit or near an outdoor dining area. Walls may also be used to balance an overall patio design. For example, if you have a built-in grill at one end of your patio a wall would be a nice complement at the opposite end. It is also common to see walls flanking patio steps. This helps give a visual clue that an elevation change is coming and looks great from a design perspective.


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