• Patio Vegetable Garden Ideas for Small Spaces
  • Most vegetable plants can easily prosper in a patio vegetable garden given the right amount of sunlight and care.
  • I swear that your friends who are not “into” gardening will find your patio vegetable garden irresistible!
  • With spaces at a premium, use your imagination for creating novel approaches to designing a patio vegetable garden.

Tierra Garden 50-1030 Haxnicks Vegetable Patio Planter and Grow Bag, 3-Pack


Grow vegetables on your patio to enjoy the benefits of fresh and healthy produce. Despite the small space, a patio vegetable garden yields a large amount of produce. The key to a successful patio vegetable garden includes using the right sized planters, good quality potting soil and types of vegetables suited for container gardening. With the correct amounts of sunlight, water and fresh air, your vegetable garden will thrive and yield a healthy bounty at the end of the season.

Two feet square wooden boxes that are 18 inches deep, half barrels, over-sized clay pots, and large nursery tubs are all good ideas for patio vegetable garden containers.


Design A Patio Vegetable Garden: Growing Organic Food