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  • this patio heater thermocouple will fit an 8mm type only.
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AZ Patio Heaters THP-THERMO Thermocouple for Tall Patio Heater


Turn the burner on its side with the thermocouple tip facing you. Unclip the thermocouple using the pliers. This will loosen the patio heater thermocouple completely for removal. Take out the old thermocouple and retain the clip. Generic patio heaters may be fitted with a steel screw to hold the thermocouple in place. The latest patio heaters use a clip to secure the thermocouple in place, this avoids corrosion issues with steel nuts.

The TableTop Patio Heater Thermocouple activates the main control valve when the pilot light is ignited. This component is designed for portable patio heaters and remains durable in outdoor climates. Features: Designed for durability and safety, the TableTop Patio Heater Thermocouple can work hand in hand with an anti-tilt device to keep your environment as safe as possible. Measuring 22" long, the accessory allows the main gas to be released.


Thermocouple replacement part for domestic patio heaters

Please Note: The Tall Patio Heater Thermocouple is designed for tall patio heaters. Designed for use with AZ Patio Heater/Sunmaster brand heaters.