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  • Nov 16 - Patio Star zucchini. With story by Steve Whysall on miniature vegetables for In the Garden.
  • Nov 16 - Patio Star zucchini
  • Patio Star Hybrid zucchini takes center stage with its attractive, compact plants, and shapely, deep green fruit.

Seeds of Change Certified Organic Squash, Dark Star Zucchini - 2 grams, 20 Seeds Pack


Vegetables that are naturally small and compact and suited for containers, such as cress, arugula, baby leaf lettuce and baby leaf spinach.
The third category comprises sprouts and “micro-greens” (basil, arugula, cilantro, kale, baby beets, mustard, radish) that are harvested when they are tiny and have just formed their first baby leaves.
Other varieties bred for compactness include Serpedor wax bush beans, Patio Snacker cucumber, Little Marvel peas, Patio Star zucchini, Red Robin and Tumbler tomatoes, Paris Market carrots, Bush Baby marrow and Storm kale.

C. pepo. Most squash plants take up a lot of space, but Patio Star zucchini seeds produce very compact plants. Their small size make them well suited to growing in containers right on the patio. This is the perfect choice for urban growers who want super productive zucchini plants, but lack the farm space to cultivate them. The abundant fruits have glossy, dark green skin that is thin and edible – so no peeling is required. The firm white flesh has a mild, nutty flavour. And if space is available, the small plants can be planted closer together for higher yields. If growing in containers, select a 5 to 10 gallon pot with good drainage.


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