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Backyard X-Scapes XCEL-512-44-10 Mexican Palm Thatch Panel, 10 Pack, 48" x 48"


Another thing to consider is the type of gazebos patio roofs. Usually it can be made of wood or tile, fabric is also appropriate. Most of people prefer natural materials such as wood or dried plants. We must consider about that in order to get a gazebo with natural and tropical style associated with the desire to live and enjoy the feel of nature. Nevertheless, it is possible also if the is made of glass. Usually gazebo does not have extra furniture, but for a special gazebo that have sitting chair furniture is usually a separate from the main gazebo. You can also support the seat with roof. The earlier technology found the kinds of fabric that can protect the gazebos patio roofs from sunshine and water drops, it also light so it will not give extra weight to the gazebo patio roofs wooden structure.

As you explore a patio roof project, the first question on your mind may be: The basic cost of a patio roof addition will determine if you decide to take on the project yourself or hire a professional for the job.


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The patio roofing materials or kits feature a clean and simple design that’s easy to self-install and provides an elegant, light- filled outdoor cover to suit any home.