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Ohuhu Walk-in 3 Tier 6 Shelf Portable Greenhouse, 78.7"x55"x29.1" High Weight Capcity Durable Green House for Backyards,Deck, Patio and Balcony


A patio greenhouse might be a pop-up flower house, a portable , or a miniature greenhouse. A patio greenhouse usually only has room for a few racks of seedlings or large plants. A full-size greenhouse is often large enough for an adult to stand up and walk around inside, but a patio greenhouse is much smaller. Pop-up flower houses are small tent-like coverings for containers and flower pots, protecting plants from late freezes. Cold-frame greenhouses are basically raised beds with a lid and drainage through the bottom. Many three- or four-tiered patio greenhouse kits are made with lightweight metal frames and clear plastic coverings with zippers or snaps for access to plants.

Easy to Assemble. Quick to set up and take down. Complete with , sliding door for easy access and window vent on top for ventilation. Can be used for , or storage shed. As you can see, it can have multiple uses and takes up very little space. Neighbors will envy your new 2' x 4' tool & patio instant greenhouse kit and it will definitely compliment your home.


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