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Need your garden paving or patio cleaning? Call Northwest Patio Cleaning Bolton on . Our patio pressure washing services is amongst the most affordable in the Bolton and Bury area. Our patio cleaning prices are designed to meet your budget and being a family run cleaning business, with low overheads, we can usually beat any other patio cleaning quote on service and price!

We clean garden patios that have become infested with moss, algae (the green slimy slippery stuff) and dirt over time, we have all the latest patio and driveway cleaning equipment including high pressure rotary surface cleaners (some times referred to as patio cleaners) and high powered diesel pressure washers. These specialised cleaning items are produced solely for hard surface driveway and patio cleaning and maintenance and enable us to carry out out patio cleaning and refurbishment keeping striping and streaking caused by the conventional lance to a minimum.


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These photographs were from earlier in the year at a residence in which had a number of paved areas and patios which like any patio in the UK had discoloured over winter and the colours in the stone had become grey and un-inviting. Being a Tile Doctor and Carpet Cleaner requires an investment in high pressure cleaning equipment which lends itself well to external patio cleaning.