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13 x 13 Pop-Up Canopy Gazebo. Great for Providing Extra Shade for your Yard, Patio, or Outdoor Event.


Swimming pools, large outdoor areas in the front, sides, or backyard areas could be fitted patio canopies toprotect them from the natural elements for using them as relaxation areas. Many companies offer steel-structuredpatio canopies with lot of flexibility and retracting ability. You would be able to extend the patio canopies orretract them when you do not need them, like when you wish to take a sun bath and tan yourself to a beautifulgolden hue.

On the other hand, you might be the type that is allergic to the rays of the sun and your patio canopy might notbe able to prevent sunlight from entering into the patio area in the mornings and evenings. If you have such aproblem, you would do well to install patio window shades or blinds all around the patio. This would help you tocontrol the light effect in your patio to the maximum without any adverse effect. The patio window blinds come inmany colors and you could create an outdoor patio that is completely unique. You could even change the color blindsfrom time to time, since they are not too costly. When people visit your home after some time, they would be reallysurprised and impressed by your outdoor change.


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The Feria Patio Canopy is a multi purpose product and provides style and stability for many years to come. It is an aesthetic roofing solution which can provide different kinds of outdoor usage; as a patio cover, carport or sun lounge area.