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We had a bad experience with Fireplace Patio. We were putting in a fireplace in our living room. Our contractor ordered the fireplace, the flu, and the masonry from Fireplace Patio. He gave them the measurements and they told him what amount of supplies to order. When our contractor put in the fireplace, it became apparent that Fireplace Patio had directed him to over-order. (By quite a bit.) When our contractor said he wanted to return the substantial excess materials, they wouldn't take most of it back. In other words, they told us to buy more than we needed, then wouldn't correct their mistake by allowing us to return the extra.

Also, we hired a sub through them to do grout who never showed up and never called, which of course delayed completion.

All in all in was a very poor experience. Take your business elsewhere.

We walked into this store twice in the last month. We were looking for fireglass for our fireplace. The first time we walked in, all real nice telling us we had to measure for how much we would need and showed us all the colors he carried. Less than a dozen colors, and hundreds on the internet.

Now we walked into to purchase, and he rudely tells us, how if we just buy the fireglass, it will turn black, and he has no idea how to prevent this and we will have to figure it out. He was way more helpful in opening his granola bar and chewing on it while telling us WE need to figure it out and he has has NO IDEA. I tried showing him pictures, so we could start the process to do it right, and he was not interested.

We walked out and drove to the next fireplace store, and are using them to prepare the fireplace correctly, so we dont ruin the fireglass. (and the fireplace patio does not have good quality fireglass either.)

Dont waste a trip here!!


Wishing you a safe and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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