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Blackstone Outdoor Pizza Oven for Outdoor Cooking


I've had the Blackstone Patio (pizza) oven for over 3 years. I've made lots of pizzas in that time! Blackstone sent me a new Patio Oven since mine has seen better days. Today, I show you some of the differences that Blackstone has made in the Patio Oven since it's 1st version several years ago. Finally, we fire up the Patio Oven and cook a fresh dough pepperoni & green pepper pizza for the family.

The Blackstone Patio Oven has a tray under the oven body that allows placement of the LP tank. There is also a hanging tray on the front of the oven attached to the legs. Get artisan style gourmet oven results in your own backyard with the Blackstone Patio Oven. Expand your possibilities beyond the grill and into the world of the backyard oven. Everything from Brick Oven style pizzas, to steaks, pastas, roasted vegetables, breads, open face sandwiches, casseroles, desserts and much, much more! The possibilities are endless, and so are the culinary rewards.


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I wanted to do a cook on the Blackstone Patio Oven that would best be done on a cast iron grill/griddle. Pulled out my Academy Sports 14 inch reversible round grill/griddle and checked the fit. While the round part is indeed 14 inches and an easy fit, the ear tabs on either side of the griddle cause the overall dimension to extend a bit beyond 17 inches. Too wide for setting it on the Blackstone turn table and having it rotate without hitting the interior metal shroud. Need to be more like 16 inches.